Monday, May 6, 2013

The Virgins

Author - Siddharth Tripathi

Genre - Indian English, Fiction, Thriller

Source - Print

Rating - 4

May 2013

Written by my Bschool friend Tripathi! Well done, am very proud of him! The book flows through quickly, does not get boring, and is rather busy and eventful. Things keep happening. I liked it. Captures the psyche of testosterone-driven high school kids quite well, as well as that of life in the 'wild north'. As for his depiction of Banaras, which I've never visited, I am not the best judge of. 
If I have to critique something: Sid should have gone easy on the capitals and the italics. 
I say this with no trepidation, I would have complimented this book even if it weren't written by my friend. There's quite a bit of good in this book.

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